Monday, January 25, 2010

New Years Resolutions - Create a Blog

Epic failure so far - I decided this was the year I would make some life changing new years resolutions. I don't know why since I think New Years Resolutions are usually pretty useless. It is probably that I am 50 (don't tell anyone) and feel it is time to get my life back under control. My resolutions were:

~ Get my house under control
~ Specifically get my craft/sewing/jewelry room organized
~ Read Dr Laura's "care and feeding of husbands"
~ Get my jewelry business going so I can start to show my venture capitalist (husband) a return.
~ Exercise every day
~ work on/learn something new and creative every week
~ Start a Blog

So far I am not doing to well. The good news is I now have a blog!!! I have started to learn to crochet but I need to finish my beautiful victorian neck cuff I am on Chapter 3 of the care and feeding of Husbands. My craft room, don't even ask!! My family has threatened to call "Clean Sweep" on me. I have an Etsy site I am exercising 3 times a week.

I gave up on thinking about cleaning yesterday and created some beautiful necklaces and earrings. Maybe today the dreaded craft room.

Today maybe the craft room :(


  1. Hey, welcome! :)

    Your resolutions are amazingly similar to mine, lol. During the first days of the new year I took a notebook and wrote like 100 little resolutions in it. So now I'm flipping these pages through every morning and try to do something useful every day. I love lists! :)

  2. LOL!! yours are also the same as mine, maybe all women across the world have the sames resolutions.

    Great etsy shop, that is how I found you someone had bought something from me I always look at what else my customers buy.

    Time to post again, I have the same problem keeping up with everything.